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Find the best kitchen range hoods in the US and Canada

  • Inspirations Series

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    Make your stone cast hood as intricate or as simple as you like... Pair a traditional shelf with a contemporary canopy. Anchor it with corbels that reflect your vision, or even adorn the canopy with a custom frieze that adds that final touch. All manufactured with integrity, precision and commitment to quality to ensure your complete satisfaction.

  • Custom Series

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    Respecting existing cabinetry, and dimensional restrictions, Omega can create and seamlessly integrate an impressive custom stone cast kitchen hood to compliment your vision. Comprehensive collaboration between our highly qualified staff and our clients is an integral part of a successful process. Choose a custom profile, from antique to contemporary, and our designs will translate effortlessly into a world of luxury.

  • Grandstock Series

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    The Grandstock series of stone cast hoods is available in standard dimension, width and depths, making them perfect for your more defined and simplified projects. However, this series had the ability to accommodate various heights. By telescopic adjustment, where the upper canopy slides into the outer canopy, the Grandstock series canopy allows for fully adjustable heights, to meet your specific requirements, for ceilings of up to 9 feet.

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